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About Center

The Brain-based Mental Health and Development Research Center (BMHDRC) of Navigating the Research and Services Headquarter (RSH) in National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) is an academic research platform established in May 2019.
Our purposes are using scientific knowledge of the brain mental function with empirical data, to research and develop smart devices that promote intelligence. Certified clinical psychologists of our center would provide service and studies based on scientific, ecological, and localized evidence. People in unexpected situations can look forward to a happy life by strengthening their psychological quality and mental health.

The Director of BMHDRC is professor Nai-Wen Guo from the institute of behavioral medicine, college of medicine. Our center consists a chief executive officer (CEO) to promote the center's business, and five groups including the Administrative Business Group, the Professional Research and Development Group, the Education Promotion Group, the Inter-Industry Research Group, and the Practice Service Group.
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